Roseanne Barr and other Political Nonsense

If you ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you that I am not one for politics.  I hate politics.  When it’s time to vote, I ask my husband his opinions on whoever and then I form my own and vote.  The same goes for all the political nonsense that is aired on TV, websites and social medias.  Most I scroll by and don’t respond to and end up back at my word processor, trying to write the next page in my upcoming novel.

I don’t care for most politicians put into office.  I did not vote nor like President Obama.  He was a yes man and told the whole country what they wanted to hear, until he won.  He overcame a lot of obstacles to get to where he was.  I admired that.  I did not vote nor like President Trump.  He ran for office because of his popularity and he won.  I think he makes a spectacle out of himself.  He does not take the role seriously.  But those are my opinions.

We live in a country that was founded on our differences and bonded together based on that.  We accept each other and we embrace our own cultures.  At least, that is what we used to do.  The majority of our nation still believe in this today.  There are the select few who started our uprisings and wars based on their biases to other cultures.  They feel like we should NOT accept people who want to embrace their own culture.  They think that everyone should become an AMERICAN.  What IS an American?  We are a melting pot and we are supposed to blend, not  fight.  We founded this country based on other cultures moving from different parts of the world.

The uprisers choose to make fun of and degrade those that they deem not American.  They will not stop until said person flees the country.  They party and claim their victories over the simple fact that they made fun of the underdog and won.

There is another American that I would like to talk about.  The followers.  These are the band wagoners.  The ones who try to blend in by laughing at everything they see.  They don’t take anything seriously by getting involved in taking care of the citizens of our country.  They choose to laugh off anything that may not actually understand.  When it is explained to them, they say that it was just a joke and that person really doesn’t mean what they say.  Or they jump on the band wagon and accuse other groups of doing the same thing ,confusing words such as racial and hateful.  In reality, those are two separate meanings.   They don’t want to be agree that a person they like can do heinous acts.

The sad part to the followers is the fact that most of them are supposed to be Christians.  The sit in services every Sunday, worshiping a God that they can’t see, who has done his own fair share of heinous acts for a good cause.   They serve on Church committees, Sunday school boards, ministry teams and other deacon jobs in the churches.  Yet they take up for the uprisers because they don’t want to admit that the icon they worship, entertainingly, could actually be wrong.  They don’t want to stand up for the American’s that are being chastised, degraded, demoralized, persecuted, segregated and discriminated against.  Instead, they jump on the band wagon and chose to ignore the fact that they are helping to divide our country and turn it into nothing but a raving, lunatical, society where people are allowed to judge one another.

It is sad that a person who detests politics has to be the one who stands up for the underdog.  It is sad that the uprisers have a bigger following than the true Americans.  It is sad that the multi-cultural, diverse society that makes up America is not allowed to even think of being born outside of the United States.  It is sad that, even though, those people can prove their American status, they are judged and discriminated against because of the country where their parents chose to be Christian missionaries.  It is sad that they are choosing their own paths, which God allowed, are being judged because America is only allowed, by the judges, to be one color, one religion and one culture.

So I leave this here for you to contemplate on.  We need to get back to the roots of what made this country, AMERICA.  Values, differentiality, compassion, strength and the bible.  Find out who you are now and what you should be.  Don’t become an upriser.